About JurorHistory
An On-Site Juror Profiling Software
JurorHistory is a new class of on-site juror targeting software that allows attorneys to gain a competitive advantage in selecting a jury.
Jury selection took its first halting steps toward science in 1972, when seven Vietnam War protesters were charged with conspiracy and put on trial in conservative Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Pretrial polls indicated that 80 percent of potential jurors would vote to convict. Social scientists armed with community surveys explored which backgrounds and attitudes suggested sympathetic jurors (good: women and Democrats; bad: the religious, college graduates, subscribers to Reader's Digest). In the end, the Harrisburg Seven received only one minor conviction, and a field was born.
JurorHistory now takes the field of jury selection into a new age. By observing all available data on a juror, JurorHistory combines the benefits of behavioral, contextual, and demographic information for targeting.
Voir dire in many cases is under an hour. What can you learn in under an hour from 45 people in the panel? Less than half say more than a sentence. And when they do talk, they're frequently unrevealing.
The work of JuryHistory lies in advising attorneys – using real time behavioral, contextual, and demographic data with a click of a button - on the strategic use of peremptory strikes—identifying jurors who might cause their client trouble in the deliberation room and eliminating them. The observed data allows JurorHistory customers to create a deeper understanding of the jury pool and gain a competitive advantage in selecting a jury.