JurorHistory's technology has significant advantages used for targeting and personalization
    Optimization Using Any & All Available Data
  • Excellent Results Begin with Limited or Sparse Data
  • Results Improve as More Data is Observed
  • Capable of Observing Thousands of Data Inputs, allowing for More Precise and Effective Targeting
    Learns Continuously
  • As Data is Observed, JurorHistory Continuously Optimizes Results on Both Individual and Group Levels
  • JurorHistory's Technology Continues to Learn as More and More Data is Observed
    Highly Usable
  • JurorHistory is a web-based software that can be access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • JurorHistory stores all data in less than 4g of storage for back-up during Voir dire and selection
  • JurorHistory's Real Time Search Engine is Fast, taking only a few seconds to identify a juror